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In the NFL, Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan has declared it official:  Donovan McNabb will start on Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys.  There was a lot of concern that McNabb wouldn’t be ready to to go on opening night for the Skins.  This would have symbolized ‘more of the same’ for the team, as they would have to start the season yet again with an ill-prepared quarterback.  But, with McNabb on the field, the Redskins will actually be competitive against a very tough Dallas team.  They will have home field advantage for the match-up and a win would show that the Redskins are going in the right direction.

However, in other news for the Redskins, it looks like they just might be parting ways with their defensive superstar Albert Haynesworth.  Haynesworth was brought in as a free agent to Washington in a $100 million deal from Redskins owner Dan Snyder.  Many criticized the deal saying it was a gross overpayment — especially given that position.  It’s hard to think someone would care to play extra hard in a bruising position of defensive tackle.  What incentive do they have?  They already have the money.  Well, Haynesworth has been the talk of the Redskins organization since training camp started, and they are apparently tired of it.  There are trade talks between Washington and Tennessee to kick Haynesworth out of town to his former employer.  The Redskins would probably get the short end of the stick, but they would improve their team chemistry tremendously.

Finally, in some more off-season news before the season officially starts on Thursday, it looks like Tom Brady will remain a Patriot for at least the near future.  Brady has almost completed negotiations that would keep him in New England until 2013.  The deal is worth around $58 million per year, but according to some sources, Brady wouldn’t accept making less than Giants quarterback Eli Manning.  There was an offer on the table for slightly less than Eli Manning, and, on principle, Brady wouldn’t accept.  Remember, Eli and the Giants beat Brady in the 2008 Super Bowl and there’s no way that Brady can let Eli get the best of him yet again.

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