In the NFL, it’s official — Michael Vick will start on Sunday when the Eagles take on the Detroit Lions.  Vick was out of football for two years because he was caught participating in an illegal dog fighting syndicate.  At the time, Vick was one of the most exciting players in sports and was leading the Atlanta Falcons to a prominent level.  Then, after serving time for his heinous crimes, Vick was given a second chance by Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles.  However, last year Vick rode the bench behind Donovan McNabb.  They used him on a couple of trick plays, but for the most part Vick was a reserve.  Last week, Vick replaced the injured Kevin Kolb and the Green Bay Packers didn’t know what to do with him.  He was running all over the place, threw a touchdown, and almost led the Eagles to a victory.  They fell short, but now some think Vick will lead the offense for the remainder of the season.  We’ll see how he does against Detroit.

Elsewhere in the NFL, it looks like San Diego Chargers star wide-receiver Vincent Jackson might get his own second chance.  Jackson held out during the off-season and had to serve a three game suspension due to a DUI.  There’s also another signing deadline that, if not met, would force Jackson to miss an additional three games.  Reportedly, both the Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins are interested in Jackson’s talents.  If either team (or any other team) signs Jackson, he would be eligible to play in Week 5.  Remember, however, it’s hard to just jump in and play receiver for another team.  There is a steep learning curve trying to understand the myriad plays in the playbook.  Then again, almost any team would seriously benefit from signing a super talented Vincent Jackson.

Finally, it’s a little early on to discuss, but the Super Bowl halftime act has been named.  This is always a big deal every season, because it’s a prestigious honor.  Ever since the Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson debacle, the mystery of who’s going to play the Super Bowl halftime has been quite intriguing.  Last year, The Who took the stage, a year before Bruce Springsteen.  Typically, it’s a music icon of some sort, and this year, a new band will join that pantheon.  That’s right — The Black Eyed Peas will play the halftime show.  When you think about it, the Black Eyed Peas have been making hits all decade.  To hear them rattle off their favorite four hits will surely be a fun  show to watch.

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