Sure, March Madness is upon us.  But… it’s not just the Men’s tournament you should take note of.  While the #1 seeds in the Men’s tourney all seem beatable, the UCONN Huskies women’s team is essentially unstoppable.  They have a perfect 33-0 record, and every single team in the Women’s tourney will be gunning for them.  However, UCONN’s women’s head coach, Geno Auriemma is staying modest about the whole thing, saying “we’re just going to take it one game at a time”.  In other words, if the UCONN women’s team doesn’t win the whole thing, it will be a huge upset.


In the NFL, the drama between Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels and starting quarterback Jay Cutler continues to escalate.  Cutler was insulted that McDaniels went after Patriots QB Matt Cassel, basically sending Cutler a message that he doesn’t believe in him.  McDaniels tried to explain the misunderstanding — that, yes, he did want Cassel, but only because he has been working directly with him in New England the past couple seasons.  McDaniels was upfront and honest about his intentions, but this excuse just wasn’t enough for Cutler.  And yesterday, he said he wanted to be traded.  This… is a stupid move on Cutler’s part.  He’s the starting QB in a major football city, and he wants out?  The Detroit Lions have expressed some interest in him, and they hold the rights to the #1 pick in the draft, but McDaniels has said he doesn’t want the #1 pick, and isn’t interested in trading Cutler.  We’ll have to see how this develops, but as of right now… it’s pretty messy.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the end of a 4-year experiment.  Matt Jones was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars to be an all around player.  He was a phenom in college, and the Jags thought he could step in at QB, Wide Receiver, or even defense.  He was that talented.  They picked Wide Receiver for him, but he just never panned out.  Plus, he had a lot of ‘off-the-field’ issues with the law (specifically marijuana problems).  Well, last week Matt Jones was arrested on another drug charge, and placed in jail.  That was all she wrote for the Matt Jones era in Jacksonville, as the Jags decided to part ways with the former college stand-out.  He will probably get another chance somewhere, but based on his experience in Jacksonville, teams know what they’re getting into, and most would agree — he’s just not worth it.


Finally, in some rare college FOOTBALL news this time of year, the #1 blue-chip running-back prospect in the country, Bryce Brown, has officially decided where he will spend his college football career.  His answer:  The Tennessee Volunteers.  This is very exciting for Tennessee, and will be a great start for new head coach for Lane Kiffin.  Brown was considering other major football programs (Miami & Oregon), but heading to Tennessee could breathe new life into their program.  The Volunteers are usually always in the Top 10 in college football, but have fallen off a bit in the last few seasons (with Florida taking the reigns as the dominant SEC team).  With this new recruit, expect to see Tennessee back in a major bowl next season.

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