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The featured game of the night was Cleveland v. Miami.  That’s right — LeBron James v. Dwayne Wade in yet another battle of the 2003 draft.  And these guys went right at each other, both putting up BIG numbers.  It was a dunk-fest between these two guys.  Dwayne Wade finished the night with 41 points and 9 assists, but LeBron and company were just too much in the 4th quarters as they rallied to win the game.  LeBron’s total for the evening:  42 points and 8 rebounds.  Wow — when these guys square off against one another — it’s an epic battle.  They leave it all out there.  Cleveland 107, Miami 100.


A few very notable player movements.  First up, the Bengals star Wide Receiver, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, told the Bengals this off-season that he might play elsewhere.  He’s a highly coveted guy, and still has some great years left in him.  Plus, lets face it, the Bengals are going nowhere.  And who landed him?  A team that desperately needed him — the Seattle Seahawks.  Seattle has a huge hole at wide-receiver.  Last season, they lost Nate Burleson in the first game, and Bobby Engram and Deion Branch were injury prone all season.  They needed someone for Matt Hasselbeck to throw to.  T.J. is now that guy, and there are a lot of talks that Seattle might select Texas Tech’s star wide-receiver, Michael Crabtree, with their No. 1 pick.  Seattle could be exciting next season.  Big emphasis on ‘could’.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers began their rebuilding off-season by signing back-up New York Giants running-back Derrick Ward.  Many thought Ward would head to Cleveland, but the Bucs snatched him up.  Ward is an interesting player.  He played the past two seasons in Brandon Jacobs shadow, but he was alarmingly productive.  Ward was always a viable starter in fantasy leagues if you just needed to throw someone in there and hope for 50 yards and a TD.  Now, he’ll probably get the chance to earn the starting gig against Earnest Graham and Carnell “Cadillac”  Williams.

Finally, and perhaps most interesting, Mr. Super Bowl, Kurt Warner, took a trip to San Francisco to talk to the 49ers.  Warner proved that he was far from done last season, leading the Arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl (and almost winning it). Now, he’s weighing his options, and the 49ers would wholly embrace his leadership and hope for a Super Bowl run just the same.  And there’s not much going on for the 49ers at QB.  It’s either Shaun Hill, JT O’ Sullivan, or Alex Smith.  They would love Warner.  Plus, this would pair Warner with his longtime explosive Rams teammate, Issac Bruce — who considered retiring this season, but would play one more year to partner with Warner.

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