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In the NBA, it was Dwayne Wade’s night.  He looked like the Dwayne Wade that America went gaga over back in 2003.  Dunking everywhere, fooling opponents, and yep, hitting buzzer beaters.  Taking on the Chicago Bulls, The Heat wore jerseys that read, “El Heat” as a salute to their Latino fan base, and Wade was out of control.  He had 48 points and 12 assists on the night, and not only hit one buzzer beater shot to send them into overtime, but also had an amazing steal and swished a floater shot with just one second to spare in Double OT to give Miami the win.  Ben Gordon had a superb 43 points for the Bulls, but the night belonged to D-Wade.  Miami 130, Chicago 127.

In college basketball, the G-boys are back in the big dance yet again.  No, not Georgetown… Gonzaga.  They took on a pretty good Saint Mary’s team that needed to win this game to get in the tourney and validate their 25-5 record.  However, it wasn’t their night, and they even got a technical foul before the game for dunking in pre-game warmups.  That’s 1-point awarded to Gonzaga before the game even started.  But, the Zags wouldn’t need that favor, as they wiped the floor with St. Marys.  Josh Heytfeit led the way for the Zags with 17 points.  Gonzaga 83, St. Marys 58.

Elsewhere in college basketball, North Carolina regained the top spot in the rankings.  They vacated the space for quite awhile, renting it out to UCONN and Pitt.  But they took it back when it mattered… right before the tournament begins.  Furthermore, their star forward, Tyler Hansbrough set an ACC record by being unanimously selected to the conference all-star team 4 years in a row.  Hansborough definitely earned it, and the primary reason for this benchmark is probably because many ACC stars of the past would leave before their senior season.  The 4-year college player is quickly becomming a rare breed.

Finally, in the NFL, the Chargers have offered LaDanian Tomlinson a restructured contract to try to keep him in San Diego.  Tomlinson suffered from a host of injuries last season, and has pretty much lost a lot of the workload to Darren Sproles this coming season.  However, there is definitely a chance that Tomlinson will recover and resume being the stud back he’s always been.  And if Tomlinson doesn’t like the offer from San Diego, he does have the option to be released.  Can you imagine Tomlinson on the market?   Forget about the injuries — teams would be drooling.

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