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The highlight of the sports night came from Women’s College Basketball in a heated duel between #9 Michigan State and #1 seed Duke.  Conveniently, the game was played on Michigan State’s home court.  Karima Christmas put up a brilliant performance for Duke with 13 points and 13 rebounds, but Michigan State staked their claim and defended their home court in the women’s tourney to prevail.  Mia Johnson led the way for Michigan State with a season high 17 points, as the Spartans roll-on in the tournament.  Michigan State 63, Duke 49.


There’s been speculation in Cleveland as to who will be the starting quarterback in 2010. Last year, the Browns were excited about Derek Anderson, coming off a great performance in 2007.  But — he was lousy, so they subbed him out for Notre Dame phenom Brady Quinn.  Well, Quinn was pretty bad too.  So now we have a QB controversy.  Now, Cleveland’s new coach, Eric Mangini, has publicly stated that the two of them will duke it out in pre-season for the starting gig.  This should be a fun training camp battle to watch, but, for Cleveland fans, is the outcome really that prosperous.

Elsewhere in the NFL, it appears that Chiefs star Tight-End Tony Gonzalez wants to be traded.  He’s definitely in the last few remaining years of his career, but he’s still putting up great numbers.  Gonzalez most likely won’t win a Super Bowl ring with the Chiefs anytime soon, but he would be a great fit for a team looking to add that missing piece.  Buffalo would be nice.  They have a solid running game, have two passing threats now that Terrell Owens came on board, and have a large gaping hole at Tight End.  If Tony G were there, the Bills would be the team to watch next season.  If possible, Buffalo should try and take this situation seriously.


In college football, let the rivalry begin.  Lane Kiffin has stirred up a lot of controversy in just a few months as head coach.  Just recently, he called Florida’s head coach, Urban Meyer, a cheater.  Well, the Florida players were outraged by this, and have since posted photos of Lane Kiffin all over their locker room.  He is public enemy #1 over there.  However, Kiffin’s spin on this… he thinks it’s great that the Tennessee logo is all over Florida’s locker room.  When these teams face off next season, it’s going to be pure fireworks.  To Kiffin’s credit, he’s reignited public interest in a recently dormant Tennessee program.

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