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The big news:  Terrell Owens didn’t remain ‘team-less’ for very long.  And he’s actually going to a team that makes sense:  The Buffalo Bills.  They signed Terrell to a one year contract that seems to be a good fit for everybody.  Terrell comes to a team that didn’t have a big-name star.  So… he will be ‘the man’ there (which he loves).  For the Bills, they get a playmaker to open up their running game, and also give them some options in the passing game.  For the last few seasons, Lee Evans has been the #1 receiver in Buffalo, but teams would just double-team him and take that option away.  Now, with Owens, the Bills passing game becomes very serious.   Plus, now we get two games next season pitting Owens and Randy Moss against each other.   A good move for both Owens and the Bills.


North Carolina defeated Duke yesterday to claim the #1 seed in the ACC tournament this week.  Both teams have been good this season, but UNC was just a little better, and in front of their always raucous fan base, Tyler Hansbrough and the Tar Heels knocked off the Blue Devils in Hansbrough’s final home game of his college career.  He had 17 points and 8 rebounds, while Jon Scheyer led the way for the Blue Devils with 24.  It should be an exciting ACC tourney this week.  Expect some upsets.  UNC 79, Duke 71.


It’s the World Baseball Classic.  A new event that takes place every four years.  And the United States is off to a good start, as they beat Venezuela to advance to the 2nd Round.  Kevin Youkilis was the hero blasting a two-run homer, and Ryan Braun and Adam Dunn crushed single-run home runs.  However, the U.S. shouldn’t get too comfortable just yet, as they’ve got a long way to go if they expect to win this game.  Then again, the always dominant Dominican Republic lost this weekend to The Netherlands.  THE NETHERLANDS!!!  Who plays baseball in The Netherlands??!!  U.S. 15, Venezuela 6.


It appears that while pretty boy (and superstar) David Beckham is leaving the U.S. — he’s not leaving for good.  In soccer, teams lend players to each other (which is quite strange to American fans accustomed to all-or-nothing loyalty), and Beckham will play for the Italian juggernaut AC Milan for the next few months.  However, he will be returning to the Los Angeles Galaxy in July.  Basically, Beckham said he wanted to play for Italy, and you have to assume that the LA deal is just for money.   Unfortunately, the MLS is thought of as an inferior league around the world.  If this is ever going to change, a World Cup win would be a nice start.

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