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The marquee game of the day was the Lakers/Suns, specifically because of the match-up between Shaq and his pseudo-nemesis Kobe Bryant.  We say “pseudo” because of how well they got along during the all-star game.  It looked like old times out there, and this was the first meeting since the all-star break.  The Suns were without their MVP point-guard, Steve Nash, but Shaq and forward Matt Barnes would pick up the slack.  Kobe put up an incredible 49 points in the game, but it just wasn’t enough to topple a fierce Shaq and company.  O’Neal looked like the O’Neal of old, slamming down a thunderous 33 points to seal the victory.  The Suns might be without their two best players (Nash and Stoudamire), but if they can beat the Lakers, they’re doing just fine.  Phoenix 118, LA Lakers 111.

Elsewhere in the NBA, a notable game between the Dallas Mavericks and Toronto Raptors — mainly because a milestone was reached.  At 35 years old, Jason Kidd is easily one of the best passers in NBA history, and last night he got assist #10,000.  It was late in the 3rd quarter, when Jason Kidd passed the ball to Brandon Bass who then sunk a jumper.  And bam — 10,000 assists.  Kidd received a standing ovation from the home crowd, and then kept playing with grace.  He finished the night with 15 total assists, and cemented his place in NBA history as only the 4th player to get 10,000 assists.  Congrats, Jason.  Dallas 109, Toronto 98.


A frustrating day for Dodger fans.  The Dodgers have been trying to lock up their best player, Manny Ramirez, for next season.  And they wanted to have him officially signed before their spring training debut.  They opened a brand new, $100 Million facility for spring training, and they wanted to celebrate by rolling out the Dodgers with Manny draped in a Dodger uniform.  Instead, the day was plagued by questions of whether or not Manny will actually BE a Dodger.  They have to restart negotiations.  Some feel this is simply a hold-out attempt by Manny and his agent Scott Boras to try to get a few more weeks off before beginning training (it’s not like Manny needs much ‘training’), and maybe even squeeze a few more million out of LA’s pocket.  Either way, Manny hasn’t committed to any team, and is still up for grabs.   We’ll see how this progresses.


Finally, some sad news.  The Detroit Lions’ Corey Smith and the Oakland Raiders’ Marquis Cooper are officially missing.  They went on a boat trip off the coast of Florida, and are nowhere to be found.  The Coast Guard is looking for them, and have upgraded their search to maximum level.  The players are on a small, 21-foot boat and took it off the coast of St. Pete.   Unfortunately, that is a very small boat in such dangerous waters.  The waves get pretty wild out there.  However, it’s said that the boat they are on is structured to be “unsinkable”.  We can only hope for the best, and ideally have some good news tomorrow.