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There was a lot of shifting in the NFL yesterday, as some well-known players found new homes.

First, the Kansas City Chiefs have found their franchise quarterback.  They acquired Matt Cassel from the New England Patriots.  Cassel had a tremendous year last year stepping in for an injured Tom Brady.  And the KC Chiefs think this guy has yet to hit his prime, and could turn into a star player for them.  Most notably about this signing is the Patriots sending the message that their Hall of Fame QB, Tom Brady, is just fine.  They must feel totally confident in his knee that they no longer need a proven QB like Cassel.

It’s also said that the Broncos were looking to land Cassel, as they were dangling their quarterback, Jay Cutler, in order to land Cassel.  This can be very damaging to a QB’s psyche when his own team is looking to get rid of him.  Plus, it’s been rumored that Patriots coach Bill Belichick didn’t want to send Cassel to Denver because his former assistant coach, Josh McDaniels, is the new head coach there.  New England would have received a better draft pick if they traded with Denver, but they took the deal with the Chiefs instead.  Belichick must be thinking long-term strategy here.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys have removed long-term veteran Brad Johnson from the back-up role, and signed another veteran, the Lions Jon Kitna, to the back-up spot.  This is actually a good move for both parties.  Kitna was pretty much done as a starter in Detroit, but he’s always been a deep-ball QB, and with Terrell Owens and Roy Williams running down the field in Dallas, a big-arm QB is exactly what they need.  Plus, Roy Williams used to have a good chemistry with Kitna in his Detroit days.  So if Tony Romo goes down again next year, Kitna makes for a solid option coming off the bench.


The Oklahoma Sooners got their main man Blake Griffin back, and boy did it make a difference.  When Griffin’s on the floor, Oklahoma is a very scary team.  He is an absolute force, changes their style of play, and scares the heck out of opponents.  His next prey:  Texas Tech.  Griffin and Sooners ran all over them.  He finished with 20 points, and 19 rebounds, and looked thrilled just to be out there.  It will be hard to pick against Oklahoma come tourney time.  Pencil them in for
The Final Four.  Oklahoma 78, Texas Tech 63.

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