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The World Baseball Classic came to an end yesterday in Dodger Stadium where it was Korea v. Japan.  Three years ago, Japan won the whole thing, and now last night they found themselves back at the top.  The game was tight the whole way through, but in the 10th inning the Seattle Mariners Ichiro Suzuki (a legend in Japan) hit a double to give Japan a 5-3 victory, and their 2nd World Baseball Championship.  Does this prove that Japan has the best players in the World?  Maybe, but, unfortunately nobody in the U.S. really cared too much about the whole thing.  Maybe next time it can drum up a bit more excitement.   Japan 5, Korea 3.


And in some rare news from the cycling world, the hero of heroes, Lance Armstrong, suffered an injury yesterday.  He fell during a race and broke his collar bone.  This could completely derail the 37-year-olds ability to train for the Tour De France, a race he came out of retirement for, but after winning a bout with cancer, there seems to be nothing that can bring this man down.


In the NFL, the drama between Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels and starting quarterback Jay Cutler continues.  The feud started when McDaniels went after Patriots QB Matt Cassel.  This made Cutler feel 2nd rate, and he has since been looking to play elsewhere.  Sure, the Broncos are fielding offers from other teams, but they’d prefer not to lose the quarterback they’ve been grooming for the last few seasons.  If they start fresh, they have to re-train someone and wait for him to get acclimated to a complex playbook.  That’s why Josh McDaniels said yesterday “Jay Cutler is our quarterback”.  He apologized that the issue has become so public, but he wants to put it out there that he wants Jay running the show.  However, Cutler is also putting out there that he wants nothing to do with the Broncos anymore.  He even skipped the first few meetings with the head coach.  That’s a surefire sign that this “incident” isn’t behind him yet.  This story just keeps getting more interesting, albeit it feels a little High School.

Finally, for those of you thirsty for some college basketball action while we wait for Thursday’s Sweet Sixteen games to start, we had a high profile game in the NIT.  It was last year’s Cinderella team, Davidson, led by magic man Stephen Curry, against a team that many thought were snubbed out of the NCAA tourney… St. Mary’s.  They have their own superstar in Patty Mills.  So… the two “big stars at small schools” would duke it out.  Curry had 26 points for Davidson, but it was Patty Mills that won the duel with 23 points AND 10 assists. Now, Curry will either go to the NBA or stay and enjoy his senior season.  Patty Mills, on the other hand, will continue to vie for that NIT Championship, and prove to the NCAA selection committee that St. Mary’s belonged in the Big Dance.  St. Mary’s 80, Davidson 68.

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