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The Detroit Pistons have made a decision that normally wouldn’t be very popular with a superstar, but oddly enough, one superstar has changed his tune.  Allen Iverson has publicly stated that he will do “whatever it takes” to help the Pistons win.   Even if that means coming off the bench.  For someone of Allen Iverson’s stature, coming off the bench would previously been ‘out of the question’.  However, Iverson has suffered some injuries as of late, and depending on him as a starter might not be in the Pistons best interest.  They’ve opted to bench him, and oddly enough, it makes Detroit better.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the New Orleans Hornets have been hot and cold this year, but when they jell, they’re still a very tough team to beat.  Well, it seems like they might have found their groove again, as they’re on a 5-game winning streak.  And last night they defended their streak against the Dallas Mavericks.  Chris Paul ran a muck with 27 points and 15 assists, and even did one of his beautiful trick moves, dribbling the ball directly through the Mavericks Jason Terry on a fast break.  The Hornets could potentially be a scary team to play in the first round of the playoffs.


The LA Dodgers have officially signed their slugger (and best player) Manny Ramirez to a two year deal worth $45 million.   And Manny being relaxed Manny addressed the media in a press conference as such, “Why such a big deal?  I played here before”.  Obviously, he took the situation with a degree of levity, but it’s still funny to hear Manny make light of a story that sports fanatics have been glued to for the past two weeks.


Vince Young, once drafted to be the franchise quarterback in Tennessee, has said that he wants his job back.  Last season, Young was benched due to injury, and Kerry Collins came in and ignited a 10-0 start.  Collins has been told that the starting job is his next season, but after sitting on the bench for a year, Young is ready to retake his throne.  And lets not forget, that this guy was amazing to watch in college.  Now, with a strong running game in place with LenDale White and Chris Johnson, the Titans become a very versatile team next season.  A healthy, MOTIVATED Vince Young could truly be exciting to watch.

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