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Pelicans Win First Pick In NBA Draft Lottery, Steph Curry Unstoppable In Warriors Game 1 Win


New Orleans fans are celebrating today as the Pelicans won the first pick in the NBA draft lottery. The Pelicans only had a 6% chance to win the lottery. The team will now almost certainly take the most celebrated basketball player in years, Duke’s Zion Williamson, in next month’s draft. The Memphis Grizzlies will have the second pick with New York Knicks, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers choosing at #3, #4, and #5.

Steph Curry looked unstoppable in game 1 of the Western Conference Finals against the Portland Trail Blazers. With 7 of 9 uncontested 3’s from Steph and 36 points overall, the Golden State Warriors rolled over the Trail Blazers 116-94. Portland will need to work on ball control in game 2, as they had 31 points scored on turnovers, tying the most points scored on turnovers in a playoff game in the last three years.


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