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Trailblazers Even Series, Craig Plays Through Broken Nose, Sean Miller’s Trial, Ball Brand’s Summer Camp, Kluber’s Broken Arm


The Portland Trailblazers evened their Western Conference Semifinal on Wednesday night against the Denver Nuggets thanks to C.J. McCollum’s aggressive play. The highlight of the night was watching the Nuggets’ Torry Craig, who accidentally broke his nose (technically a nasal contusion), in the first half. He came back wearing a plastic mask and contributed to his team’s attempt at a comeback. Portland 97, Denver 90

Arizona coach Sean Miller has been accused of paying center Deandre Ayton $10,000 per month during the school year. Federal prosecutors played a recording of a phone call where the Wildcats’ assistant coach was speaking with an agent about how to recruit Ayton. The transcript of the phone conversation appears very damaging to Miller and those involved in this case.

Big Baller Brand is back in the news. LaMelo Ball unveiled an ad on his Instagram page announcing summer camps in Qatar, Australia, Belgium, and Switzerland for $450 for two days to have “an opportunity to build on fundamental basketball skills with the Ball Family.”

These camps are set to take place in Qatar, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. And even after everything that has unfolded with the company, Big Baller Brand still hopes that people will pay $450 (or 400 euros) for two days of basketball instruction from unspecified members of the Ball family.

This was the ad that LaMelo Ball shared on his Instagram page Wednesday.


Cleveland Indians’ Corey Kluber, the former two-time American League Cy Young Award winner, suffered a fracture in his arm after getting hit by a ball from his pitch to Miami Marlins Brian Anderson. According to reports, the ball hit Kluber at 102 mph. No word yet on how long Kluber will be out. Unfortunately for the team, their other starter, Mike Clevinger, is out of c0mmission until mid-July with a back injury.


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