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Cavs Lose Again, Final Four Weekend Lineup, Monster Energy Girls Video


The Cleveland Cavaliers lost again Thursday night against the Chicago Bulls, their 5th loss in 7 games. The Team is now 1/2 game behind the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference. Kyrie Irving wasn’t shy in expressing his opinion of the Team’s mental state after the game, “To be perfectly honest, we’re probably all over the place. It’s no time to kind of back up into the wall and panic. I’m not panicking and I don’t think anyone in this locker room should panic. We’re going to be just fine. It’s ugly right now. It’s real, real ugly. But we’ll get out of this, we’ll be fine.”

Big weekend of college basketball. The NCAA Women’s Final Four begins at 7:30 pm Friday night featuring South Carolina vs Stanford then at 10:00 pm Connecticut vs Mississippi State.

On Saturday night, the men’s Final Four features South Carolina vs Gonzaga at 6:09 pm followed by Oregon vs North Carolina at 8:49 pm.


Nascar season is underway and the talk so far has been of the “Monster Energy Girls” inappropriate outfits. Critics of the girls called their outfits inappropriate for a family event and took to social media calling them “hookers”.  Monster Energy put together a video in order to give the girls a platform to explain their presence at the track.  Not sure if the video hurt or helped the girls, but Monster Energy (the title sponsor of the NASCAR series) is sure getting a lot of play from all the attention.

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