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Team USA Wins WBC, Goodell Makes Changes, Kristi’s Unfortunate Tweet To Kerrigan


Team USA Beat Puerto Rico to win its first ever World Baseball Classic. The Toronto Blue Jays’ Marcus Stroman pitched a 7 inning no-hitter to lead Team USA to an eventual 8-0 shutout. Congrats!


NFL TV ratings dropped last season, so Commissioner Roger Goodell is looking to make some changes. He is planning on instituting fewer commercial breaks (although potentially longer ones) and standardized timing in the clock for when players go out of bounds and after touchdowns and extra points. Goodell wants to make the game more enjoyable for the fans and will meet with the competition committee to potentially loosen “up the celebration rules to allow the players a little more expression of their enthusiasm,”


Social media blew up after former Olympic Gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi innocently tweeted for fellow former Olympic skater, Nancy Kerrigan, to “break a leg” during her upcoming “Dancing With the Stars” appearance. The reason her choice of words was so bad (in case you don’t remember this infamous incident) was in 1994, Nancy Kerrigan’s rival Tonya Harding’s husband hired someone to club Nancy in the leg in order to take her out of competition.

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