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Steak For NKU Undergrads If Beat Kentucky, Curry’s 29 Points On 29th Bday, Muirfield Admits Women


The undergrads at the University of Northern Kentucky (ranked #15 in the NCAA tournament) have an extra incentive to beat #2 ranked Kentucky. The owner of a number of restaurants offered up free steak dinners to the NKU undergrads if the team beats Kentucky in the first round.  “Yes, this could get very expensive,” Ruby said,  “But it’s important to me to show support to our hometown organizations. NKU is a real asset to the community as they continue to produce extraordinary talented leaders for our region and beyond.”

In the NBA, the Golden State Warriors snapped their losing streak with a late-game surge against the Philadelphia 76ers. Draymond Green pulled out all the stops with some impressive defense, and Steph Curry found his rhythm scoring 29 points on his 29th birthday.


The World’s oldest golf club (after 273 years) voted to admit women. Last year Muirfield voted to keep the Club women free, but voted again this year and the measure passed. Now the Scottish Club will again be eligible to host the British Open. After last year’s vote, the Club was taken off the rotation.

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