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Andrew Bogut Breaks Leg In Debut, Curry’s 3 Pointer While Schroder/Howard Argue


The Cleveland Cavaliers signed  Andrew Bogut last week in a trade they hoped would boost them to another national title.  In a devastating turn of events during the Cavs-Heat game, Bogut broke his leg within a minute of his debut. According to LeBron James, he heard the snap and knew it was bad. It’s still unclear how extensive the break is and how long he’ll be out, but it’s a sad beginning for their new acquisition. Miami 106, Cleveland 98.

Steph Curry is great at draining 3’s, but it’s still not appropriate to leave him wide open to do his thing. On Monday night, the Warriors were playing the Atlanta Hawks and the Hawks’ Dennis Schroder and Dwight Howard were arguing with each other while Curry was left wide open to make his 3. It’s no surprise the coach benched Schroder at the end of the game. Hawks lost 119-111.


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