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Villanova & Duke Lose, Spike Lee Wants Kaepernick, Dwight Clark Diagnosed With ALS


The first weekend of March Madness was full of crazy upsets. Villanova (last year’s champs) lost to Wisconsin, and in another huge upset, South Carolina defeated #2 ranked Duke. If your bracket is already busted, don’t feel bad. According to ESPN, in their pool of 18 million submissions, only 18 brackets have correctly picked the teams in the Sweet 16.


Spike Lee posted on Instagram his disappointment that his New York Jets haven’t hired former SF 49er Colin Kaepernick as their new quarterback. His rant took on political tones implying many teams, including the Jets, aren’t hiring Kaep because of his social media national anthem controversy this season. Spike said, “Smells MAD Fishy To Me, Stinks To The High Heavens” that Kaepernick, who opted out of his San Francisco 49ers contract, still doesn’t have a job.”

Former 49er great, wide receiver Dwight Clark, announced he was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Clark is best known for “The Catch” from QB Joe Montana to secure the Niners win over the Dallas Cowboys in the 1981 NFC Championship Game. Clark stated,  “I’ve been asked if playing football caused this. I don’t know for sure. But I certainly suspect it did. And I encourage the NFLPA and the NFL to continue working together in their efforts to make the game of football safer, especially as it relates to head trauma.”


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