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Final Four Teams (Syracuse, Villanova, N. Carolina, OK), Griffin Cleared To Play, Heyward Swarmed By Bees


And your Final 4 are…

It’s been a surprising month for college basketball, with many teams considered favorites falling out of the race, one by one, and many “second-tier” teams making it farther than anyone anticipated. Over the weekend, Syracuse took on Virginia and upset the number one seed team in a 68-62 victory. Syracuse was a 10-seed team. It’s the lowest seeded team to reach the semifinals in the last five years. Villanova surprised many by holding off number one seed Kansas, fighting their way into the Final Four with a 64-59 win. Oklahoma and North Carolina round out the four teams who will be competing next week in Houston.


It took long enough, but Los Angeles Clipper forward Blake Griffin is medically cleared to play after 41 games on the bench recovering from a quad injury and a broken hand. Griffin has now started serving his 4-game suspension, brought on by the altercation in late January, when he punched a member of the Clippers’ staff, breaking his hand. Griffin will be back on the court April 3rd when the Clippers take on the Washington Wizards.


BeesThe Chicago Cubs look poised to have one of their best seasons in a century, but not everyone is buying into the buzz. Sunday’s preseason game against the Seattle Mariners got off to a rocky start after a swarm of bees surrounded center fielder Jason Heyward early in the third inning. Heyward climbed the center field fence trying to escape the bees, who eventually moved into the crowd and also swarmed the Cubs’ bullpen. Heyward was stung at least ten times, but thankfully did not suffer an allergic reaction. The Mariners won 12-9.

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