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OKC Collapse Agst Clippers, Mum’s The Word On Manning, Roddy White Released


The Los Angeles Clippers made a stunning comeback against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday. For three quarters, the Thunder dominated the game, entering the fourth quarter with a 17 point lead. But then the Thunder collapsed offensively, all but handing the game over to the Clippers. It’s the 9th game this season that the Thunder have gone into the fourth quarter with a lead, only to fall behind in the end (when it counts the most). Clippers 103, Thunder  98.


Peyton ManningPeyton Manning has until Tuesday at 4pm EST to decide if he’s retiring. On Tuesday his contract with the Denver Broncos guaranteeing him $19 million for the 2016 season will kick in.  But mum is still the word on whether he’ll stay in the league or retire. He made light of the situation on Monday, addressing a crowd in Jacksonville at the Florida Forum Speakers Series. “Many of you have probably heard that I have a significant announcement to make, so I thought I’d go ahead and make it with all of you here tonight,” Manning said. “Papa John’s is offering 50% off tonight through Friday.”

The Atlanta Falcons have released the franchise’s all-time leading receiver Roddy White. White had two years remaining on his contract, but his release will save the Atlanta Falcons almost $2.5 million in salary cap space. White had a diminished role last season, but in the seven years prior, he made four Pro Bowls and and averaged 1,175 yards per season.

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