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Jerry Jones Dismisses CTE Link, MMA Now Legal In NY


Jerry JonesJust a week after a senior NFL health official made history by formally acknowledging a link between football and CTE, a form of long-term brain injury, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones called the idea “absurd.” Jones elaborated, “We don’t have that knowledge… there’s no way in the world to say you have a relationship relative to anything here… There’s no research. There’s no data.” Many scientists in the field would disagree with Jones on this one.


Over the last decade or so, the UFC has been gaining in popularity. The UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship, promotes mixed-martial arts, MMA, a combination of wrestling, boxing, and everything in between. It’s a brutal, sometimes thrilling, sometimes scary sport that has been getting bigger and bigger, especially with breakout stars like Ronda Rousey transcending diehard fans and becoming full-blown celebrities. But until yesterday, MMA wasn’t legal in every state. For nineteen years, MMA has been outlawed in New York. The main concern about the sport is the possibility of brain injuries. Unlike football, UFC fighters don’t wear helmets, and it can get pretty nasty inside the ring. The New York State Assembly held a vote Tuesday, after a three-hour debate,  and voted in favor of overturning the ban. The UFC plans to host an event at Madison Square Garden as soon as possible.

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