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Knicks Beat Lakers In Last Second 3, Clippers Suffering W/O Blake, NCAA Brackets Revealed Early On Twitter


The New York Knicks pulled ahead in the final second of a close game against the Los Angeles Lakers. Knicks point guard Jose Calderon made his only three-pointer of the game when it mattered most—with two-eighths of a second left on the clock. The loss sets the Lakers back to a 14-53 win-loss record. Knicks 90, Lakers 87.

Blake GriffinThe Los Angeles Clippers are suffering, and star Blake Griffin’s absence is becoming more pronounced every game. Griffin has been out since December after a serious ankle injury in December. His quad is still bothering him, as is the hand he broke in January after getting into an altercation with a member of the clippers staff. The Clippers endured a painful loss against the Cleveland Cavaliers over the weekend. LeBron James scored 27 points in a game the Cavs won by 24 points. Cavaliers, 114, Clippers 90


March Madness is about to get underway. The NCAA revealed the 2016 tournament bracket on Sunday. One big surprise was a #1 seed going to the Oregon Ducks over Michigan State. The other #1 seeds went to North Carolina, Virginia and, in the top overall spot, the Kansas Jayhawks.

The bracket is revealed during a telecast every year, similar to an awards ceremony. But this year, the full bracket was leaked on Twitter a fourth of the way through the broadcast. Imagine the Best Picture being leaked in the middle of the Oscars. The NCAA was understandably upset. “We take this matter seriously and are looking into it,” the organization said in a statement. The tournament officially begins this Tuesday.

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