Blake Griffin Broke Hand In Argument, Kobe Injured, Mannings Last Rodeo


Blake GriffinThe Los Angeles Clippers won a close game against the Indiana Pacers on a day full of distractions. Before the game even started, all attention was on All Star forward Blake Griffin, who broke his shooting hand during an altercation at a restaurant. The injury will force him to miss at least 4-6 more weeks. He broke his hand, bizarrely, on the face of friend and team assistant equipment manager Matias Testi. Griffin was already on the bench after a Christmas Day quadriceps injury. He was in the final stages of recovery and was expected to return soon. The personal injury attorney serving in Crown Point helped with medical claims and other legal procedures.

All Star guard Chris Paul was among the Clippers to step up and rally for another victory. They’re now 12-3 without Blake Griffin.  Clippers 91, Pacers 89

Speaking of incapacitated All Stars, Kobe Bryant had to watch from the bench while his Los Angeles Lakers lost by two points to the Dallas Mavericks. This is Bryant’s final season, and he’s spent nine games of it on the bench. Right now, his shoulder is giving him issues. “I couldn’t really move the thing,” he said of testing it out Tuesday morning. The shoulder’s been bothering him for a long time. He hopes to heal for his 18th All-Star game in February.  Mavericks 92, Lakers 90


After the Denver Broncos beat the New England Patriots for a ticket to the Super Bowl, cameras overheard Peyton Manning tell Pats’ Coach Bill Belichik “Hey, listen, this might be my last rodeo. So it’s been a pleasure.”

Manning is under contract for next season, but any retirement discussion between him and GM John Elway will have to wait until after the biggest game of the year, Super Bowl 50.


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