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Peyton Manning Announces Retirement, Randle Arrested, Mason Tasered, Warriors Lose, Lebron Tight With Kendrick Lamar


Peyton ManningPeyton Manning is retiring from the NFL after 18 seasons and two Super Bowl victories. Manning will make his announcement on Monday, exactly one month after the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50. The sports world has speculated on Manning’s possible retirement since the season began. He spent some time on the bench this year with an injury, but returned in time to lead his team through the playoffs and to his second Super Bowl victory. Manning is the NFL’s only 5-time MVP and holds the records for most passing yards and touchdowns.

Former Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle was arrested for the sixth time in the last year for failing to appear in court earlySunday morning. Randle has previously been arrested for battery, property damage, drug possession, shoplifting and domestic violence. Meanwhile, in Florida, LA Rams running back Tre Mason was tasered and cuffed for resisting arrest after a police officer pulled him over for speeding. He was arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana, reckless driving, failing to register a motor vehicle and resisting arrest.


The Golden State Warriors had the rug pulled out from under them on Sunday. No one expected the 13-51 Lakers to beat the 55-6 Warriors, but that’s exactly what happened. The game was one of the biggest upsets in NBA history. While all the talk this season revolved around the Golden State Warriors chasing the ’96 Chicago Bull’s record 72 wins, this loss left them with the San Antonio Spurs fast on their heels. While the Warriors and Splash brothers have been soaking up all the attention, the Spurs have been working under the radar to have one of their best seasons ever. Lakers 112, Warriors 95

Being a Superstar has plenty of benefits, as LeBron James knows all too well. James took to Twitter a week ago to ask rapper Kendrick Lamar to release a stash of songs he had been stockpiling. Less than a week later, Lamar released a surprise album. James and Lamar are “really close,” according to the basketball superstar. “You’re welcome,” he told reporters.