CJ Anderson Staying With Denver, Von Miller’s DWTS


Denver Broncos running back C.J. Anderson will be sticking with the reigning Super Bowl champions. After being on the market as a restricted-free agent, Anderson accepted an offer from the Miami Dolphins. Then, somewhat unexpectedly, the Broncos announced that they would match Miami’s offer and retain the running back. Chicago actually offered Anderson more money, according to the player, but he felt more confident in his own success within Miami’s system. When Anderson heard the news that the Broncos were matching Miami’s offer, after failing to offer him a sizable contract in negotiations earlier in the year, Anderson remarked that he initially felt “disrespected.” But Bronco’s GM John Elway has no regrets. “We found out what his market value is,” Elway said.

Von MillerIn other NFL news, Super Bowl MVP Von Miller will appear on the new season of Dancing with the Stars. His twitter/instagram feeds features some great dancing moves with his partner Whitney Carson. Carson is serious about the season and is even fining Von Miller $100 every minute he’s late for practice. Season begins on Monday March 21st.

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