Heat No Luxury Tax, Draymond Green Apologizes, Brady Staying With Pats, Alshon Jeffery Franchise Tag


NBA teams are upset at the Miami Heat after a series of savvy maneuvers got them out of paying the league’s luxury tax. A luxury tax is a fee paid out by teams who spend more than a certain amount of money in a season. Unlike the NFL’s salary cap— which can’t be exceeded, no matter what— NBA teams are allowed to spend a little more, but it’ll cost them. Money paid out by teams exceeding the salary limits is distributed evenly among other teams. The Miami Heat recently found themselves in danger of going over the limit, but got around it by buying out veteran guard Beno Udrih’s contract at the last minute. This in itself isn’t so unusual. Players often let teams buy out their contracts in order to get traded. But Udrih just had foot surgery which will likely sideline him for the rest of the year, meaning he’s probably not going anywhere. Instead of keeping the $2.17 million owed to him on his current contract, he’s leaving that money on the table and taking a considerably smaller sum (probably around $50,000). And no one’s quite sure why. While Miami players and fans alike love the Heat intensely, Udrih has no such allegiance. He hasn’t even been with the team for an entire season. In fact, he’s bounced around 7 different teams in the last 11 years. Whatever his motives are, the situation has other NBA owners piping mad. Instead of paying out money for the luxury tax, the Heat will be one of the teams receiving about $2.6 million from it.

Draymond Green & Steph CurryThe Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green let loose at half time during Saturday’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. After the Warriors’ coach showed players a video clip of Green making a mistake on the court, Green went on a “profanity laced tirade,” screaming at the coach and his teammates, even threatening to sit out the rest of the game. He yelled loud enough that ESPN reporters outside the locker room could hear every word. The Warriors went on to win the game in overtime in spectacular fashion, 121-118. On Monday, the All-Star forward apologized publicly, saying he’s already expressed remorse to the team, and such an outburst won’t happen again. Superstar Steph Curry seemed unconcerned. Green is “an emotional guy,” Curry explained, and he’s confident his teammate will “never quit.”


Tom Brady isn’t going anywhere. Not for a couple years, anyway. The three-time Super Bowl MVP has reached an agreement with New England that will keep him with the Pats through the 2019 season. The deal extends his existing contract, which had two years remaining on it, and should see Brady playing ball well after his 42nd birthday.

Alshon JefferyOn Monday, Alshon Jeffery got the Franchise Tag slapped on him by the Chicago Bears. The tag is nonexclusive, meaning the veteran wide receiver can still negotiate with other teams. If he does go to another team, the Bears will get two first-round draft picks as compensation. If he sticks around, the Bears have until July to negotiate a new contract, or pay Jeffery over $14.5 million for the 2016 season.

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