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Warriors Fastest 50 Wins, Cavs Winning Streak Ends, NFL Mistakenly Withheld $150 Mill To Players Association


It almost looked like they weren’t going to make it. After being up by 23 points, the Golden State Warriors squandered their lead over the Atlanta Hawks on Monday, giving Atlanta the lead early in the fourth quarter. The Warriors were able to rebound in the final minutes and clench a victory, making them the fastest team in NBA history to get to 50 wins in a season. The game was Atlanta’s fourth straight home loss. All-star Stephen Curry led the Warriors with 36 points. Warriors 102, Hawks 92

The Cleveland Cavaliers 5-game winning streak came to a screeching halt Mondays after losing to the Detroit Pistons. The Cavaliers just won a great game in Oklahoma on Sunday, while the Pistons were coming off a disappointing loss to the New Orleans Pelicans, a game that featured Pelicans’ center Anthony Davis scoring 59 points. The Pistons have now beaten the Cavaliers twice this season. Pistons 96, Cavaliers 88.


An arbitrator ruled that the NFL wrongly withheld $120 million from the NFL Players Association, the organization in charge of representing NFL players. Every year, the NFL reports its annual revenue, and that figure helps determines the salary cap for the coming season. Over the last three years, the NFL underreported its earnings by over $100 million. The Players Association discovered the discrepancy last month during a routine audit. The league is calling the error “a technical accounting issue.” Of that money, about $50 million will go to players’ salaries. There are 32 teams in the league, meaning the salary caps for each team, which are already expected to rise substantially for the coming season, will increase an additional $1.56 million.

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