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Magic Trades Harris, Howard Leaves, Griffin Stays, Rousey Considered Suicide, Cousins Franchise Tag


As Thursday’s NBA trade deadline fast approaches, teams are changing up their rosters, both in an attempt to bolster their lineups going forward, and to improve their playoff chances this year.

The Orlando Magic traded power forward Tobias Harris to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for point guard Brandon Jennings and power forward Ersan Ilyasova. Harris just signed a four-year $64 million contract with the Magic last year, which the Pistons will honor. The Pistons are on the cusp of a possible playoff and hope that the young, promising Harris will help their chances before it’s too late.

The Charlotte Hornets are one of the teams kicking the tires on Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard. The eight-time All-Star is making $22.3 million this season, and isn’t expected to return next year.

Despite a media hungry for big-name trades, Los Angeles Clippers president and coach Doc Rivers insists they’re not trading Blake Griffin. Griffin, you might recall, broke his hand after punching his friend and assistant equipment manager in the face in December. He should hit the court again soon, and when he does, he’ll be wearing a Clippers jersey.


Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 8.21.46 AMRonda Rousey considered committing suicide after her loss to Holly Holm in November. Rousey appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show and admitted after her knockout she was in a very bad place. She said, “Honestly, my thought in the medical room, I was sitting in the corner and was like, ‘What am I anymore if I’m not this?'” Rousey said. “Literally sitting there thinking about killing myself. In that exact second, I’m like, ‘I’m nothing. What do I do anymore? No one gives a s— about me anymore without this.”

She eventually reflected on the loss and her feelings and said, “I felt like maybe my role is, everyone has their moment of picking themselves off the floor. I’ve gone through several of mine, but no one had ever seen me go through it. Maybe I just needed to be that example of picking myself off the floor for everyone. Maybe that’s what I’m meant for. I really do believe I’m still undefeated because being undefeated is a choice. Everybody has losses in their life, but I choose to always be undefeated.”


Maybe the Washington Redskins will use their franchise tag on Kirk Cousins after all. The franchise tag would give Cousins a one-year salary of around $20 million, and would give Washington until July to negotiate a longer-term deal. With RGIII pretty much out of the picture in Washington, the team needs a long-term quarterback. Even if they end up drafting the QB of their dreams, Cousins might, at the very least, be a good short-term option.

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