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TNF Increases To 10 Games, Media Day, Players Only Meeting For Cavs


The NFL is expanding Thursday Night Football, increasing the number of Thursday games to ten from last season’s eight. The games will be split between CBS, NBC and the NFL Network. Thursday Night Football started as a programming exclusive to the NFL Network, but CBS has produced and aired numerous Thursday night games for the last few seasons. Combined, CBS and NBC are paying approximately $500 million to air five Thursday Night games each in the 2016 season.

Cam Newton 2In San Jose, California, Monday was the kickoff to “Super Bowl Week,” also known as Media Day, or the day when Cam Newton and Peyton Manning get asked the same questions hundreds of times by different reporters. In the coming week, expect to hear a lot more noncommittal soundbites from Manning about his possible retirement and to read plenty of think-pieces on Cam Newton’s recent, racially-charged comments.


The Cleveland Cavaliers have been on a tear since head coach David Blatt was fired late last month. But the change in leadership wasn’t the only thing that reinvigorated the team. New reports reveal that an extended players-only meeting was held shortly after the shake up. Stars Lebron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving were all in attendance as teammates spoke their minds to one another. A prominent topic of discussion was ‘accountability,’ including the perception that some members of the team were playing by a different set of rules than the others. The cathartic, at times contentious meeting seemed to do the trick in rallying the troops together. Despite a disappointing loss to the Chicago Bulls shortly thereafter, the Cavs have gone on to five straight wins, including Monday night’s OT victory over the Indiana Pacers.

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