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NBA Trade Deadline, Dramatic Hoverboard Exit


The NBA trade deadline came and went on Thursday without much fanfare and with many of the elite players (Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin) remaining with their teams. The Los Angeles Clippers made the biggest trade of the day by making a deal with the Memphis Grizzlies sending Lance Stephenson to Memphis in exchange for Jeff Green. The controversial part of that exchange is the Grizzlies didn’t just do a one for one trade but also gave the Grizzlies a first round pick. This trade makes the Clippers look desperate to get rid of Stephenson but you never know.

HoverboardThe most dramatic and apparently fitting departure during the trade day was Markieff Morris falling off his hoverboard as he was leaving the Phoenix Suns facility. The Suns were anxious to get rid of the troubled Morris and made a deal to send him to the Washington Wizards. Just last week Morris was seen pushing a teammate by the throat into the bench during a game. The Suns seem happy to see Morris leave by whatever mode of transportation he happened to choose.

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