Warriors Best Start In NBA History, Manziel Demoted, Top 4 College Teams, Awesome Donuts To Wisconsin Police


The Golden State Warriors are certainly golden as have now secured their place in history as the team with the best start to an NBA season. With their route of the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night, they posted their 16th straight win for the season eclipsing the previous record held by the 1993 Houston Rockets and the 1948 Washington Capitols. Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr has been absent from the sidelines due to complications from spinal surgery but has still been a major presence for the team. He spoke to the players prior to the game and reminded them of their four core values:  joy, mindfulness, compassion, and competition. When the players have fun, they’re exhibiting joy, when they think through plays, they are mindful, when they get along and conduct themselves properly, they are compassionate and when they get on the court to win, they are competitive.  How do you not love this team?


In the NFL, the Cleveland Browns were on a bye last week, and one would assume that their starting quarterback Johnny Manziel would take the time to rest, recover, and study the playbook.  Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, as video emerged of Johnny Manziel partying in Texas.  In the video, he was holding a bottle of champagne, appeared to be drunk, and was singing into the camera.  The Browns were not so happy with this type of behavior and proclaimed that Manziel was not fit or responsible enough to be their starter.  They relinquished Manziel of his starting quarterback duties and demoted him to 3rd string QB.  This fall from grace for Manziel might be a sign that he won’t be back in a Browns uniform next season.

The new top 4 playoff rankings were released in college football. With some upsets and unimpressive wins this past weekend, there were a few shockers.  Notre Dame and Ohio State fell out of the top 4, while Oklahoma and Iowa jumped in. At this point in the season, it’s Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Iowa rounding out the bracket.  There is still controversy, however, as Oklahoma lost to a very weak Texas team, while Iowa hasn’t played any impressive teams yet.  It’s likely that the top 4 will change again at least once before the playoffs are set.
donuts2 2Finally, in a humorous story out of Wisconsin, a fan has sent 20 dozen coconut donuts to the police that ejected him from the game on Saturday.   A fan traveled from Los Angeles to see Wisconsin play.  When he tried to enter a section that was not what his ticket indicated, he was surrounded by police with 5.56 ammo and ejected from the stadium.  The fan claims he misread the ticket and the whole incident was a misunderstanding.  As a gesture of his feelings, he sent the cops 20 dozen coconut donuts. He said, “This was meant as a harmless way to show both my general gratitude for what you do (which is awesome), but slight disdain for my treatment Saturday (which was not so awesome). Donuts are awesome, but coconut donuts are not so awesome.  The Wisconsin police department had a good sense of humor and called the shipment “brilliant”.

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