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Whisenhut Fired, Johnny Manziel Era Resumes, Dallas Boots Randle


In the NFL, the Tennessee Titans fired head coach Ken Whisenhunt. Whisenhunt has only won 3 of 23 games in his time in Nashville.  The Titans promoted Mike Mularkey to head coach, and are hoping that he will be able to do something exciting with their #2 overall draft pick QB Marcus Mariota.

Johnny ManzielElsewhere in the NFL, it looks like the Johnny Manziel era in Cleveland is about to resume again.  Their starting quarterback Josh McCown is dealing with some nagging injuries, and the Browns have decided to put the ball in Manziel’s hands.  Manziel recently made headlines after being a part of a domestic dispute with his girlfriend.  The incident was caught on tape, and did not help Manziel’s image as the savior of Cleveland football.  When he takes the field, however, he’s quick to run or hurl an 80-yard bomb so some fans are excited to see what he has in store.

Finally, in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys have had enough off-the-field trouble with their running back Joseph Randle.  Randle came into the year as their starting running back. Randle is now injured, has an impending suspension against him because of a domestic dispute, and last week, when Randle was told he lost the starting job to Darren McFadden, he left the facility. Management doesn’t have tolerance for that type of behavior, so he is now now looking for a job.

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