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Panthers Remain Undefeated, Broncos Sign 49er Vernon Davis, Lebron Hits Milestone


Cam NewtonIn the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts and the undefeated Carolina Panthers played on a rainy Monday night.  The Panthers have never gone 7-0, but were looking to change their history.  The game was close, but Panthers quarterback Cam Newton showed us why he’s an MVP candidate.  He had incredible late game heroics, including miraculously avoiding a sack by two Colts’ linebackers.  The game went into overtime, but the Panthers escaped with a victory and remain undefeated.  Carolina 29, Indianapolis 26.
Elsewhere in the NFL, the Denver Broncos are also undefeated and are bringing in some new talent for QB Peyton Manning.  Manning has always favored throwing to his tight ends  (i.e. Dallas Clark, Jacob Tamme, Julius Thomas) who have, in the past,  all put up big numbers.  This year, however, that position has been lackluster, so the Broncos signed 49ers tight end Vernon Davis.  The Niners season is dead, and they’re likely looking at a top draft pick next year.  They don’t need the veteran anymore, but he could help the Broncos offense.  Good move by the Broncos for bringing in some talent, and smart move by the Niners for letting him go for some much needed draft picks.



Finally, in the NBA, LeBron has hit yet another major milestone.  Against the Philadelphia 76ers, LeBron become the youngest player in history to reach 25,000 career points.  This is an incredible achievement that only the best players attain, and LeBron is in that camp.  LeBron says he never gets caught up in his individual stats, as his true goal is bringing the Cleveland Cavaliers their first championship.  Cleveland hasn’t won a title in a long time, and LeBron wants to change the fate of his hometown.

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