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Ohio State’s Big Loss, Packers Easy Win, Winston Crushes Philly, Romo Back With Win


In college football, there was a major shakeup in the tournament seedings this weekend as Michigan State beat Ohio State.  Ohio State can still potentially get to the final four, but this loss definitely hurts their chances.  The loss also opens up the possibility for another Big 12 team (maybe Oklahoma State or Baylor) to reach the final four bracket.
Aaron RodgersIn the NFL, the marquee game of the week was the Minnesota Vikings hosting the Green Bay Packers.  Aaron Rodgers and the Pack have always owned the Vikings, but this year, the Vikings look sharp.  Their star running back Adrian Peterson is having a solid year as is their QB, Teddy Bridgewater. But even though Aaron Rodgers has struggled lately, he’s still Aaron Rodgers, and he helped guide the Packers to a relatively easy win.  This Packers team is not as good as last year, but they can still eek out a win when they need to.  Green Bay 30, Minnesota 13.

Jameis WinstonIn Philadelphia, the Eagles were hoping to jump start their offense against Tampa Bay with QB Mark Sanchez running the ship.  He played well in the pre-season, and was now getting his chance to shine and possibly keep the starting QB job.  The only problem was the Buccaneers’ QB Jameis Winston turned into a formidable NFL quarterback.  He crushed the Eagles IN Philly, throwing for a career high 5 touchdown passes.  Winston is seemingly only going to get better, and Buccaneers fans should be excited.  Tampa Bay 45, Philadelphia 17.

Finally, in Miami, the Dolphins hosted the Dallas Cowboys, but more notably, we saw the return of QB Tony Romo.  Romo went down early in the season with a serious shoulder injury, and the Cowboys were unable to win a game without him.  The Cowboys, however, are still mathematically alive for the playoffs in a terrible NFC East division.  Romo had to dust off some cobwebs, but he connected with his all-pro wide receiver Dez Bryant for a touchdown. The Cowboys picked up the road win, and their quest to get to the playoffs is off to a good start.  Dallas 24, Miami 14.

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