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FanDuel And DraftKings Illegal In NY, Luck And Allen Lacerated Kidney


Draft KingsIn a big blow to the Fantasy sports world, the NY Attorney General ruled that FanDuel and DraftKings is a form of gambling and therefore illegal. These two companies claim that their online fantasy competition is based on skill not luck so should not be categorized as gambling. Both companies have been asked to cease operations in NY which is a huge loss of customers.  It will be interesting to see if other states follow course.


Andrew LuckUnfortunately Indianapolis Colts’ QB Andrew Luck is expected to miss at least 4 weeks for a lacerated kidney and abdominal injury he sustained at the end of the Colts/Broncos game on Sunday. 40 year old Matt Hasselbeck will start for Luck. The San Diego Chargers also placed their receiver Keenan Allen on injured reserve for a lacerated kidney, but he’s not expected to come back for the entire season.

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