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Pats Still Undefeated, Brock Osweiler Will Lead Broncos, Les Miles Era May Be Over


In Monday Night Football between the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots, the Bills armed with a stronger defense, had hopes of upsetting the Patriots.  They did, in fact, come close and even had a chance to win toward the end, but couldn’t pull it together.  The banged up Pats eeked out a victory, and are now 10-0.  New England 20, Buffalo 13.


Robert Pattinson 2   Elsewhere in the NFL, after QB Brock Osweiler (who looks a bit like actor Robert Pattinson) took the Denver Broncos into a blisteringly cold Chicago and grabbed a win this past weekend, the Broncos are handing him the keys to the castle.  Yep, Osweiler has been named the starting quarterback when they face the Patriots next week.  The Broncos are hinting that the Peyton Manning era might be over, and we’ll be seeing an Osweiler led team.  Osweiler trained behind Manning for 3 full seasons which is the same situation as when Aaron Rodgers backed up legend Brett Favre in Green Bay.  Peyton Manning said he intends to play in 2016, but he may not be playing in a Broncos’ uniform.

In college football, sources are saying there is a very good chance that LSU and head coach Les Miles may split ways at the end of the season.  When you’re coaching for a big SEC program like LSU or Alabama, and they don’t win a national championship, the season is considered a failure.   Miles has kept LSU relevant for quite a while, but the fans and the LSU brass are tired of seeing Alabama hoisting up the trophy year after year.  LSU is also on a 3-game losing streak which is making the situation worse   If LSU does fire Miles, they will need a superstar backup as Miles is known for his strong recruiting.

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