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Ryan’s Triumph Over Jets, Marshawn Lynch’s $500 To McD’s Employee, Riley Curry’s Commercial


Buffalo Bills’ coach Rex Ryan’s first visit back to Metlife Stadium after being fired by the Jets last season was a triumph.  In the Thursday night matchup, the Bills defeated the Jets 22-17. If you watched the game, you noticed the uniforms looked a bit odd. The NFL has a Thursday night “Color Rush” campaign where teams will wear the primary color of their alternate uniforms. Unfortunately, the NFL did not take into consideration that color blind fans would have a difficult time distinguishing between the teams. Apparently 10 million Americans are affected by colorblindness and the red/green distinctions is the most common.

After hearing so many stories of NFL players bad behavior, it was nice to read about Marshawn Lynch’s kindness to a McDonalds employee. These employees are hired after a good background check with the help of dbs checks. After last weekend’s win over Dallas, the Seahawks’ Lynch stopped at a McDonalds for a snack. An employee complimented Lynch on his shoes, which got the men talking about career goals. Lynch then gave the employee $500 to buy the shoes and encouraged him to pursue his dreams.


Riley Curry And speaking of shoes, everyone’s favorite 3 year old, Riley Curry (NBA Superstar Stephen Curry’s daughter) just starred in her first commercial and photo shoot for “freshly picked moccasins”.

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