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Moncada Going To Red Sox, Panthers Part With Williams, Michael Sam In Dancing With Stars


In a follow-up story about the big bidding war over Cuban baseball phenom Yoan Moncada, it appears that there is now a winner for his services.  It costs them just over $61million dollars, but the Boston Red Sox have won the rights to this incredible 19-year old switch hitter.  Years ago the Yankees would have paid an exorbitant salary for a player like this, but they have been slow to overpay for players in the modern day.  In fact, the Yanks are sort of going the way of the Kansas City Royals, developing their young talent and hoping to compete.  Moncada should be an instant jolt to a Red Sox club that had a lackluster season in 2014. Red Sox fans are thrilled.  Sure, he will play in the minors for a bit, but if he makes an impact at that level, he will be brought up to the big league.


The Carolina Panthers have decided to part ways with their longtime running back DeAngelo Williams.  Williams was at one time the hero of many fantasy football teams, and it’s likely that he has just a little left in the tank.  There may be a team out there that can use his services.  He’s over 30 now, and will be fighting the perception that he’s “done”, but a team like the Patriots could use an occasional burst of speed now and then.
Dancing with the StarsFinally, the first openly gay athlete to ever be drafted in the NFL, Michael Sam, may not have ever made an official team roster, but that doesn’t mean that he is leaving the spotlight.  It looks like Michael Sam will join Dancing With The Stars next season.  I’m sure he’d rather be playing on a team next season, but maybe if he stays in the spotlight, a team might come calling.

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