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Peyton Manning May Be Back, Cowboys Mull Re-Signing Dez Bryant


Peyton Manning At the end of the season, rumors were swirling that 39 year old Denver Broncos’ QB Peyton Manning would retire. According to sources with knowledge of the workings of the Broncos’ organization, it looks like Manning will be back. GM John Elway will likely need to renegotiate Elway’s contract to free up some salary cap money and, of course, Elway will need to pass his physical on March 5th, but looks like the highest paid player in football history will be back on the gridiron.  Manning has broken most NFL record for a QB but still wants at least one more shot of winning the Super Bowl!

The Dallas Cowboys are still mulling whether to take a risk on re-signing receiver Dez Bryant. Bryant was cleared in a 2011 incident in a Walmart parking lot at 6:00 am where his girlfriend was dragged across the pavement. It’s unclear whether Bryant was the one dragging her. He was also arrested for allegedly striking his mother in 2012.

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