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Carroll Defends Original Call, Hawks’ Winning Streak Ends, Fight Of The Century Stalled


In the postmortem after the Super Bowl, everyone is still baffled how Seattle didn’t run the ball to win the game from the 1-yard line.  Everyone has been skewering Seattle Coach Pete Carroll for making that call, and today’s rumor is that the original call submitted by the offensive coordinator was actually a run, and that Carroll changed it.  Carroll instantly shot down that rumor. Meanwhile, Russell Wilson has said that he isn’t going to let one play define his career and will get back to work this off-season ready to win again.  The Seahawks are the favorites for next year, but this loss is going to be tough to forget.


And in the NBA, Atlanta was riding a 19-game winning streak heading to New Orleans.  The Hawks are playing incredible team ball, and have become a nightmare for opponents.  On top of that, they are running away with the East.  But… Anthony Davis and the Pelicans were ready for them.  The Pelicans played spectacular team ball of their own, and built a huge lead on the Hawks that they simply couldn’t narrow.  So the Hawks’ win streak ends at 19, but this definitely doesn’t mean that they aren’t still a major threat to win the title.  New Orleans 115, Atlanta 100.


Floyd MayweatherFinally, in boxing, everyone is thrilled about the potential fight between the two superstars of the last decade — Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.  This would be the fight of the century, and both parties stand to make millions.  The earliest numbers reported that Mayweather would make $120million and Manny would make $80million.  But on Monday, talks stalled, and there were contract issues from both camps.  The fight is tentatively scheduled for May 2nd, but if these issues continue to stall the talks, there may not be enough time for the fighters to adequately prepare for the bout.  Everyone is desperately hoping that these two fighters put their legacies on the line and fight.

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