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Snoop Dogg’s Son Signs At UCLA, RG3 Not Hyped In Washington, Magic To Name New Coach


Snoop DoggIn college football, these last few days have been “recruiting days”.  This is when all of the top prospects around the country declare which college they will play for.  One of the most high profile recruits is Cordell Broadus, son of superstar rapper Snoop Dogg.  Their relationship was recently captured in an ESPN documentary about Cordell’s High School football career. On Thursday,  Broadus made his choice:  UCLA.  Broadus said he wanted to keep it local (and West side according to Snoop Dogg).

In the NFL, some crazy news out of Washington.  The Washington Redskins sent out a memo about the 2015 season to hype up their season ticket holders.  In that memo, however, they said the team is centered around various stars such as DeSean Jackson and Alfred Morris, but they did not mention Robert Griffin III.  Just 2 years ago, RG3 was the talk of Washington, and now he isn’t even being mentioned to season ticket holders.  This could mean that RG3 may be headed out of town prior to the start of the 2015 season.


In the NBA, the Orlando Magic have a lot of young, up-and-coming talent, and last season, they put this team in the hands of former player Jacque Vaughn. Vaughn hasn’t been able to put the pieces together in Orlando as the team continues to lose game after game in spite of being a very exciting, fast-paced team to watch.  Their coaching search begins again, and hopefully for Magic fans, Orlando can find a coaching prodigy or stellar veteran to take hold of this team.

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