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Minnesota Wants Garnett, Dragic Doesn’t Trust Suns, Manziel Making Progress


Kevin GarnettIn the NBA, with the trade deadline, everything is going wild.  One of the most interesting items being discussed is that the Minnesota Timberwolves are making a push to land Kevin Garnett.  Garnett is clearly at the end of his career, but he had all of his glory days in Minnesota, and they would love for him to give his last ounce of energy to the city.  Minnesota has great young talent, and having a role model like Garnett could really bring the team to the next level.  They likely won’t be in the playoffs, but just having him as a leader would put them in good position next year.

Elsewhere, it appears that Goran Dragic’s relationship with the Phoenix Suns is going to end.  They have been dangling headlines out there that Dragic isn’t part of their future plans, and now Dragic has said that he “doesn’t trust the Suns anymore”.  He went on to say that it’s tough to be the point guard leader of the team, to make plays, to help the team win games, when the team wants you off the court.  Dragic definitely won’t be back in Phoenix next year, and will likely have a new uniform on by this weekend.


Johnny ManzielFinally, in the NFL, Cleveland Browns’ head coach Mike Pettine has said that he is proud of Johnny Manziel’s progress, but that the search for the starting quarterback in Cleveland is ongoing.  They might take someone in the draft or search for a free agent.  For example, Rams quarterback Sam Bradford is looking for a fresh start.  He just can’t seem to stay healthy.  Pettine says that there are too many unknowns with Manziel at this point, and he needs to look toward the future.

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