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Patriots Win Exciting Super Bowl!


Arizona Super Bowl Super Bowl 49 between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks did not disappoint.  Vegas had this game as a “Pick Em”, meaning that even Vegas didn’t have a clue which team would win the game.  These were two teams playing excellent football headed into a game that would cement legacies.  If Tom Brady and the Pats won, Tom Brady would be launched into the “Greatest QB of all time” conversation.  If the Seahawks won, Seattle would start to be called a dynasty, and their defense would be launched into the “Greatest Defenses Of All Time” conversations. So how would it play out?

Julian EdelmanThe Pats got up early, but then Seattle came storming back late in the second quarter to tie the game at half time.  This one looked like it was going to be a game for the ages.  Seattle even took a 10 point lead in the 3rd quarter and looked like they had control.  But, in the 4th quarter, Tom Brady started working his magic.  He pulled his team them within 3 points, and then he got the lead late with a touchdown pass to Julian Edelman.  And that’s when the game got really interesting.

Seattle had a 2-minute drive to try and win the game.  After an incredible deep pass from Russell Wilson to Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks were in good position at mid-field.  Wilson tossed a long bomb to Jermaine Kearse.  Kearse didn’t make the catch and hit the ground.  But… the ball didn’t hit the ground, it landed on his foot, then his chest.  Kearse bobbled it, then made the catch while lying on the ground at about the 8 yard line.  This unbelievable reception could go down as one of the best catches in Super Bowl history.

The Seahawks then gave the ball to their beast mode running back Marshawn Lynch, who easily ran it down to the 1-yard line.  It looked like the Seahawks were on their way to taking a lead and being within only 25 seconds of winning the Super Bowl.  All they had to do was hand it to Marshawn Lynch again on 2nd down, and let him run it in for a touchdown.  Except… head coach Pete Carroll confusingly, mysteriously, inexplicably called a pass play over the middle.  Russell Wilson tried to hit his receiver, but there were 3 Patriots defending him and the Pats rookie Malcolm Butler came up with the game winning interception and the game was over. Everyone watching was stunned.

The Patriots won the Super Bowl 28-24.  The Super Bowl MVP, Tom Brady, now has 4 Super Bowl rings in 6 Super Bowl appearances, and the Seahawks won’t be getting over this for a very long time.

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