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Kurt Busch Domestic Violence, Lebron Sets Another Record, Yoan Moncada Bids Skyrocketing


Kurt BuschStar driver Kurt Busch has been suspended by the league for a serious domestic violence charge.  He is one of the best drivers in the sport, who had a fantastic, wholesome image, but clearly we don’t know everyone’s true character.  Busch is awaiting a sentencing and will have to undergo a lot of therapy sessions. As of now, there is no timetable set for his return.


In the NBA, LeBron James set another landmark this weekend, passing Allen Iverson, and moving to #22 on the all-time scoring list.  It will be interesting to see how high LeBron can climb on this list assuming that he has at least 5 – 7 good years left in his career.  LeBron has become quite the team player at this stage of his career, and that could seriously affect how many points he scores.  He is focused primarily on winning championships, not personal stats.


The game has become all about international scouting — primarily in Latin American countries.  There is a phenom named Yoan Moncada in Cuba, and teams are salivating to get their hands on him. Bids for Moncada have eclipsed $20,000,000.  According to reports, the teams most interested are the Yankees, Red Sox, and Padres.  The Padres could use a star player in their city just to draw some attention to their otherwise invisible ball club.  This guy must be truly amazing to garner so much money before ever playing a major league game.

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