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Rex Ryan Gets New Ink For Tattoo, Syracuse Self-imposes Ban For Post Season


Rex Ryan TattooLet’s hope former NY Jets coach Rex Ryan has a long and prosperous new career as the Buffalo Bills new coach. If not, he’ll have to undergo another painful procedure. Ryan very famously used to show off the tattoo on his arm of his wife wearing a Jets’ jersey. Now that he’s been fired by the Jets and moved on to the Bills, he obviously had to make a change. While attending the Super Bowl in Arizona, he popped into a tattoo parlor and asked for Bills’ colors to replace Jets’ colors in the tattoo. His wife also donated most of his Jet’s apparel to the salvation army (which was a classy move as he could have easily made thousands of dollars if he put it up for auction).


Syracuse will not participate in the NCAA post-season (and that includes March Madness). Syracuse self-imposed the ban in response to past violations in the athletic department in 2007. According to reports, no current players are under investigation.

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