NBA Trade Deadline Moves, Kobe Bryant Doesn’t Have Real Friends


The headlines of the day came out of the NBA with the trade deadline approaching, and teams looking to fill their weaknesses.  First up, it looks like Phoenix will part ways with their star guard Goran Dragic.  He is a rising star in the NBA, but Phoenix already has two great point guards in Eric Bledsoe and Isaiah Thomas.  Dragic will likely either go to his former team, the Houston Rockets, to give them some point guard depth, or perhaps the Lakers, as a building block for a stronger team they intend to put together next year.

And it’s being reported that the Detroit Pistons are very interested in former Brooklyn Nets’ all-star Joe Johnson.  Johnson is still a solid player and a great shooter, and if the Pistons hope to have any chance in the playoffs, they will need another guy who can put up 25 points in a night.  Johnson would be a good fit.  Plus, it looks like the Brooklyn Nets are looking to have a fire sale and start all over.  They have star guard Deron Williams and their center Brook Lopez on the trade block.  All of these guys could be assets elsewhere.

Kobe BryantFinally, GQ published an interview with Kobe Bryant conducted by the great writer Chuck Klosterman.  In the interview, a typically cagey Bryant revealed quite a bit.  He admitted that he doesn’t have any ‘real’ friends, citing that it’s tough considering how much time he puts into his game, and that the other people he’s close to are equally obsessed about their craft.  There simply is no time to hang out.  He says he texts with LeBron and Dwayne Wade sometimes, but that’s about it for close NBA relationships.  It’s a great interview, and worth the read.  You can check it out here:

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