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Lebron’s Cleveland Debut Celebrity Filled But Disappointing, Michael Jordan Calls Obama A Hack


Imagine DragonsSince July Cleveland fans have been anticipating the big day when Lebron James returns to the arena. Thursday night the fans came out in droves to witness Lebron’s first official game. Celebrities filled the arena as the Cavs took on the New York Knicks with Imagine Dragons performing outside. Unfortunately, Lebron’s homecoming was a bit of a disappointment as they lost 95-90 and Lebron was upset with himself for playing the worst game of his career. It’s only one game and it’s a very long season but the Cavs have some serious work ahead of them (especially on defense).


Michael JordanIn an interview with Ahmad Rashad on Back9Network, Michael Jordan tried to describe his perfect golf foursome. At first, he mentioned including President Obama, “I’ve never played with Obama, but I would, ” Jordan said. Then he backtracked in a very big way,  “No, that’s OK,” Jordan said. “I’d take him out. He’s a hack … I never said he wasn’t a great politician. I’m just saying he’s a shi_y golfer.”



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