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Peterson Pleads Not Guilty, Johnson Arrested For Battery, Matt Prater May Have Job


Adrian PetersonAs reported earlier, Adrian Peterson has been suspended by the NFL for allegations that he whipped one of his children severely as a punishment.  There is no clear return date for Peterson, who, for all we know, may never play again if his legal problems persist.  On Tuesday, Peterson said that he would plead “not guilty” to all his charges. Peterson is also in hot water for reports that his charity misused funds.  It will be interesting to see what happens with the verdict and with Peterson’s career. 

In other legal NFL news, former Chiefs’ star running back Larry Johnson was arrested for aggravated battery after assaulting someone at a club.  Johnson had a history of reckless behavior.  Not a very good day in the sun for NFL publicity.

Finally, it’s very interesting how the man who holds the record for the longest kick in NFL history is currently unemployed.  Last year, Denver’s Matt Prater kicked a 64 yard field goal to set the record.  But this year, he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, and the Broncos suspended him for four games.  Last week they went the extra mile and cut him from their roster.  The Detroit Lions, on the other hand, got a terrible performance from their new kicker Alex Henery, and cut him.  The Lions need a good kicker for the remainder of their season, and it looks like they are going to give Prater a chance.  This could be extremely fortuitous for the Lions, as Prater is a virtual lock from under 50 yards. 

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