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Broncos Dominate Chargers, Broncos’ Top Receivers Free Agents, Cutler “Elite” QB In Salary Only, Nash To Miss Entire Season,


In Thursday night football, the Denver Broncos (on only 4 days rest) had no problem putting away the San Diego Chargers. Peyton Manning passed for 286 yards and 3 more TD’s to put him at 513. Emmanuel Sanders was on fire this game catching all 3 TD’s. Broncos 35, Chargers 21.

In more Bronco news, their top two receivers Demaryius Thomas and tight end Julius Thomas are free agents at the end of the season.  The Broncos are trying to lock these guys up, but there is a chicken and egg situation.  Both these guys may want to test free agency, as they could attract handsome sums of money in the off-season.  Plus, they may not want to sign with the Broncos if Peyton Manning doesn’t come back next year.  That would make the Broncos a completely different team.  For now, the Broncos have said they have tabled talks until a future date.

Jay CutlerFinally, in the NFL, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler got off to a hot start, but has been struggling mightily the past few games.  Defensive superstar, and Cutler’s former teammate, Brian Urlacher, has told the media that Jay Cutler is an “elite” quarterback, but in salary only.  Cutler is the highest paid quarterback this season, but his performance indicates that he is a sub-average QB at best.  It’s never good when your former teammate is calling out your performance and calling you mediocre.  There is seriously something wrong with that Bears organization.


Steve NashIn the NBA, the aging Steve Nash has done everything in his ability to make a major comeback.  While he is 40 years old, Nash probably takes care of his body better than any athlete in the NBA.  He has an extremely strict diet, and even keeps a sleep journal to make sure that he gets a requisite amount of rest.  Beyond this, he’s constantly doing rehabilitation exercises, and just wants to get out there on the court and help.  Unfortunately, this week it was reported that Nash will miss the entire season with a back injury.  This is a huge bummer, as this will likely lead to his retirement.

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