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Redskins Came Out To Play And Shocked Dallas Fans, BCS No More, Alabama Pays $3.1 Mill For Saban’s Home


In the NFL, everyone expected the Monday Night Football game between the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys to be a blowout.  Dallas has been looking great this season and had home field advantage. The Redskins’, on the other hand, have looked pretty marginal this season, and were starting their 3rd string quarterback Colt McCoy.  Once the game started, however, it was a different contest than we all expected. The Redskins hung in there and we had a game!

Tony RomoIn the second half, the Cowboys got a scare when their QB Tony Romo got a knee to the back on a sack, and needed to be taken to the locker room.  Back-up quarterback Brandon Weeden came in, and played well for the Cowboys, keeping them in the game.  But then the crowd erupted when Romo came jogging back out.  McCoy and the Redskins, however,  got the job done, sending the game to overtime, and getting a field goal to pull off the huge upset.  This was a satisfying moment for Colt McCoy, who was injured in the first few minutes of the college National Championship game a few years ago.  That was supposed to be his big moment, but he didn’t even get to play.  The fact that he got a chance to shine on Monday Night Football is a nice bright spot on his professional career.  Washington 20, Dallas 17.

And in college football, tonight at 7:30 pm EST we will see the first ever unveiling of the college football playoff results.  There is no Bowl Championship Series (BCS) this year, and starting tonight the analysts will show us which teams rank in the top 4 and potentially what will be the the initial 2 match-ups.  These match ups will likely change many times over the next several weeks as we witness more upsets and teams play their conference championship games, but it’s still exciting that college football will finally have its very first playoff.

Nick SabanIn other college news, the Alabama Crimson Tide boosters are paying off coach Nick Saban’s $3.1 million dollar home. Apparently this is a normal occurrence as the school doesn’t provide housing for their coaches (as opposed to providing for their teachers). They claim that they just want to keep him happy.

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